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By 2020, the downtown area of Zhanjiang will maintain a population ceiling of 1.25 million permanent residents, with urban construction land limited within 111.66 square kilometers, according to a city plan released by the State Council today.

The State Council approved in principle overall city planning for Zhanjiang (2011-20) in South China"s Guangdong province. Zhanjiang has been an important port along the southeastern coast and a core city in the Beibu Bay area.

Infrastructure and amenities will be planned under the concept of green development and low emissions. Transport facilities such as highways, railways, airports and ports will be further strengthened to connect downtown and suburban areas. Subways also will be developed along with other facilities, including water supply, drainage and underground pipelines, the plan said. Under the plan, the city is set to develop an environmental-friendly model by increasing the rate of sewage and trash disposals. Meanwhile, protection measures will be carried out for sightseeing sites, natural conservation areas, wetlands and water sources.

As one of the country"s 14 cities to open up to the outside world along the coast, Zhanjiang ranked 80th last year among all cities in China with GDP of 258 billion yuan ($ 38 billion).