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It used to take migrant workers much time and effort to find a job in the past. Now the situation has changed, thanks to the help of a technology company created by an overseas returnee.

Li Guanzhi got his master"s degree at Oxford University in the UK and doctorate degree at the University of British Columbia. He went back to China and started the company Beijing Yongjin Guantai Technology in Beijing in 2012.

The company provides services for over 6 million job-seekers, mostly assembly line workers, restaurant waiters and blue-collar workers. It has helped many migrant workers find suitable jobs.

The idea of creating a startup occurred to Li when he realized a great business opportunity existed in helping job-seeking migrant workers, who change jobs more frequently than their white collar counterparts.

To get a better understanding of the real needs of migrant workers, Li spent two months working in a Foxconn plant in Central China"s Henan province.

Li started the company in July 2012 with the help of the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE) and BIT Returned Student Pioneer Park.

Xiaolao Recruit app, one of the three products from Li"s company, now has over 6 million registered users. More than 1,000 new companies with hiring demands are added each month.

The knowledge Li learned from his overseas experience comes in handy. Through big data and artificial intelligence, Xiaolao Recruit can find the best candidate for a post among the large number of job-seekers based on information like geographical location, working age, past experience and working hours.

Li"s company has generated an annual income of more than 10 million yuan in recent years. Li plans to expand the business to other cities -- including Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou -- to help more migrant workers and companies overcome challenges in job seeking and recruitment.